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    SpragClutch - helps tremendously! Worth way more than 2 cents.

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    Not sure if this helps, buts its my 2 cents worth!

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    well looking at the list of machines you have that are not working. Do you really want to go down the same route again ?

    You don't seem to have a replicator clone.
    So my advice would be to buy a couple of qidi tech rep pro clones:
    Seriously good machines, quality components, fully enclosed print volume and dual extrusion.

    You can use them to fix the repraps you already have :-)

    The makerbot replicator dual isn't one of the most copied machines in the world for no reason.
    Extremely reliable, easy to use, fully independant of a pc - except for slicing :-)
    And the pro version gives you heated build volume for using the more awkward filaments.

    These machines are pure workhorses. Drop a sheet of printbite on the bed and you've got a tape,glue scraper free print surface that never needs replacing and should even withstand the rigours of a makerspace that obviously lacks 3d printer oriented users (or more of your machines would be running ;-)

    Not autolevel - but pretty quick and easy to level. Just use the firmware's guided process.

    Having just built myself a delta with repetierhost. I can't see how people manage without a decent firmware. repetier just displasy information.
    Sailfish on the other hand turns the machine into a truly independant manufacturing system.
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