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    Global 3D Systems Sees Indiegogo Success

    A few years ago, Edward Machala, former COO and treasurer of American Power Conversion, decided to establish a 3D printer company. He named it Global 3D Systems (G3D) and hired a team of engineers and tech industry veterans to begin working on the company's first 3D printer, a large, fast SLA machine dubbed the T-1000. After an intensive development period, the T-1000 is now raising funds on Indiegogo - and judging by its success thus far, G3D's first 3D printer is unlikely to be their last. The T-1000 has brought in almost two times its $25,000 fundraising goal - and there are still three weeks left in the campaign. Read more at

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    Watch out, more problems than service , have had non working printer for close to a month now and have had very little support from G3D and no answers to my questions for days now !
    Would not buy again !

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