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    Top layer of model being printed with infill

    Hi, take a look at this image:



    I am using 20 layers of perimeter and top/bottom too. See the image above. BUT the top most layer is not being filled with perimeter, it's being filled with infill despite my effort.

    How can I make Slic3r add 20 layers on top of this model instead of only infill?

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    Why so many perimeter layers and top infill? That'll take forever. How is your file ? Is it a proper watertight mesh without any issues?

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    Is that a picture frame? If so then you don't have to have so many perimeters to get that effect.

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    Okay firstly, as you've probably already figured out, there is no way that print will work without a support structure. It looks like you could flip the whole thing over so the sticky-outy bit is on top and it will work much better. But to answer your question, it looks like the top layer isn't infill at all. When you have a flat surface like that on the top layer, it will look pink in slicer. If you are referring to the fact that the inside of the top layer uses a rectilinear fill pattern, while the perimeters continue to be perimeters, this is completely normal. You can change the fill pattern of infill layers and the top and bottom layers by going to print settings > infill > Fill pattern or Top/bottom fill pattern. Attached you will see an image of what it should look like when you change the top/bottom fill pattern to concentric, for example.
    Screenshot (1).jpg

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