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    The Open Source Legacy Filament Extruder

    Imagine turning your empty plastic water bottles into 3D printed toys for the kids, models, or every day useful objects. Well that's what you soon will be able to do with an open source technology that a woman named Liz Havlin is trying to fund on Kickstarter.

    Liz is building a open source 3D printer filament extruder called the Legacy Filament Extruder. The device is build from a majority of 3D printed parts, and is entirely open source. Liz will seek $30,000 on Kickstarter to fund her project. The campaign should start within the next week or two. Here is a 3d model of what the extruder will look like:

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    Hi! How do I get the article updated? There is a new kickstarter link here and the price has come down to $449

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