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    @Vangaurd - love your icon - it's mesmerizing.

    I backed a holiday version of the 1^ and a later batch for the 2^.
    Although the news may not (or might) be official regarding the holiday batch being completed for shipment COB today, I am looking forward to working on the 1^ ~ soon~ish. As I understand it - they may not operate with the highest honesty and integrity nor communications standards but I'm willing to give them a break - for now. Time will tell. Anybody can improve upon yesterday's performance when they are willing to change.

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    i sure hope so. their products look really well engineered. i would love to have a revolution xl but not yet. they gotta get straightened out first.

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    I got the One-up. I finally got the last piece that had arrived broken and assembled the printer last night. I'm not very happy with it so far. It's pretty cheap construction and the x-axis is sagging. We will see if it even works once I have the time to wire it up without any directions.

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    A bit quick to say you're unhappy when you haven't even finished putting it together and trying it out.

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