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    Printing Mini D&D Chars and it's flaws

    Hi All,

    I'm new to the forum, and to the 3D printing world. I've printed about 20-30 minis so far and I've had issues getting the settings right. I *finally* got the settings right in the last 4-5 minis but it seems I can't get the elbows to form correctly. I'm using replicator-g with raft & external supports every time, but it still seems that the elbows drop out and become strings instead of formed elbows.

    Printer: CTC 3D Dual Nozzle (only using one nozzle though)
    ABS Settings:
    Nozzle Heat: 220C
    Bed Heat: 110C
    Layers: .15mm
    Infill: 15%
    Number of Shells: 2
    Feedrate: 20mm/s (slow setting for [hopefully] better accuracy)
    Travel Feedrate: 20mm/s (same reason above)
    Filament Diameter: 1.75mm (measured and confirmed width)

    Pics of what I mean:
    16933593_10212377295770671_2138382296_n.jpg 16933764_10212377295730670_1760855900_n.jpg

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong ?

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    It looks like you're not providing any support at the elbows, so the filament is just hanging in the air there. Put in some rods that go from the tips of the elbows to the base, and it should work a lot better. Taper them at the tips, where they attach, to make removal and cleanup easier.

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    Bah humbug, why did I not think of that. I'm guessing, however, it's not possible to do through replicator-g, right?

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    If not, just add them in the same program you used to make the models in originally.

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    These were all downloaded from Thingiverse, but I think I can figure this out =). Thanks @awerby

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