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    [Makerbot Replicator 2x] Where did this part fall from?

    tldr: I need your guys' help identifying what part this is and where it goes.

    IMG_0404 (1).JPGIMG_0406 (1).JPG

    Hi everyone. Earlier today I noticed that my bot has started to print inconsistent circles. They're coming out oval-like. As recommended, I tightened the x-axis belt. After loosening the 4 screws attached to the motor, this part fell out. It looks like a pin/dowel/barrel of some sort. Can't seem to find out what it is and where it goes. Out of curiosity, I ran a test print and while I'm still having inconsistent circles, the printer is able to print. Anyone know what it is and where it goes?

    While I'm here, anything else that might address my circle-printing issue? I've already checked the allignment of gantry and tightened the x and y-axis pulley and belt but this hasn't helped.
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    That is part of a clip that holds the wires going to the x axis motor. if you pull off the frame on the right side you can see the wires that run to the motor. I believe the clip may be on one of the other motors as well but my memory is unsure.

    check out the second image from this thing ---->
    Its an upgrade for the xyz wire clip, because at about 300 print hours that wire will fail from being bent too many times.

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    The circle problem is the wires that was held by that pin that feel off are now cut.. There's wires that goes back and forth the Y axis (right side) and the 2 wire looms have severed. There's 8 thin wires in total..

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    Four of those wires go to the motor (Y) there, and the other go to the end stop. It's fairly easy to find replacement wires for each. Makerbot has a good video on how to replace the wires. Replacing the end stop wire is a similar process.

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