Hello, new to the board and 3d printing. I have a Monoprice Maker v2 and have been printing good for a few months until recently. Realling pulling my hair out right now as I can't get any more successful prints.

In my last successful print, I noticed small gaps in the walls of the print. Then when I tried to reprint, it would only print the first layer then would start the dreaded extruder click. jammed from swelling going into the block and the gear would just grind away at the filament trying to push it. So I cleared the jam, refed the PLA and tried again, same issue. wasn't sure why all of sudden it started acting up after months of printing, so I decided maybe it was time for a good cleaning. took apart the nozzle assembly cleared the nozzle, tube, extruder gear threads. refed filament, raised the Z axis and pushed 100mm of filament through with no issues. leveled bed and started another print, one that I have printed dozen of that has no issues, and it failed with that file too. I was printing it in PLA @200C /60C. Normally I can just set this file to print and walk away with no worries with those settings. So now that this file is even messing up I am stumped. After reading some on the net, people suggested things like running too hot or too cold can cause the jam I was getting so I tried temps at 185 - 190 - 200. I got different results from that. at the lower temps, it seemed to only spit out the first layer then jam doing the air print. with 190/200 I would get further, but it would still fail at the top of the print need the keychain hole