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    Buying a 3d printer looking for advice on dependability.

    I am looking at a lulzbot mini because the size meets what I need. I own a small at home cnc machine and would like to be able after modeling being ablt to print the part up for a check with the customer before putting a lot of machine time into the part. Is the lulzbot mini dependable? It will sit long periods of time. I am not new to 3d printing just new to this type of machine.

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    lulzbots generally get good reviews, about all I can say really.

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    Are you using a system that has been dependable? I am not stuck on lulzbot I just want something that will do the job at a good price.

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    May I suggest you take a look at our Fusion3 F400-S? Its built for greater reliability / dependability, comes with 2 year warranty and free lifetime technical service & support.

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    I am not stuck on any particular machine I am more in hope enough people on here will steer me in the right direction, But that machine you are talking about is over 4 grand I am looking at a 1200 dollar machine range.

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    MY flashforge creator has been in operation for 3 years. Apart from tiny amount of routine maintenance (bolt tighten, rod clean and lube) not had an issue with it that I couldn't trace directly back to something I did wrong.

    About 1200 printing hours on it. So yeah seriousuly reliable. Moved on/off switcn to front, added print area cooling ducts. Apart from that all parts are still factory original.
    It's an old model these days - so not huge build volume: 220x150x145 mm basically 9x6x6 inches. I have yet to need anything bigger.
    Flashforge only do the creator pro these days and I'd probably take it over any of their newer models.

    the qidi version:

    Gets good reviews and has plenty support.

    What's your budget ?

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    I don't need a dual extruder. But the price is great. I will research these a bit more.

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    I think that might be helpful to this article best cheap 3d printer under 500
    I hope that I may be able to inform you

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    I am looking in the $1200. range

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