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    3D Printed Minecraft Worlds

    Do you enjoy playing Minecraft? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could turn your Minecraft worlds that you have built on the screen into actual physical objects? Well this is just what a Man named Dave Russell did, using a 3D printer program called Mineways to create, and then later print out a whole slew of Minecraft worlds on his 3d printer. If you are wondering, the worlds were printed out in one solid piece, and not printed block by block, and than assembled like you would do in the game of Minecraft. The 3D printer used here was a ZPrinter 650 and the worlds were printed with a blocksize of 1mm^3.

    David will be displaying these pieces at the Cambridge Science Festival this coming weekend if anyone is in the area and would like to check them out. In the meantime these pictures should do:

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    These are beautiful. Not a big minecraft fan but I know those that are. Do you know if they are selling these at all? I know some people that would probably pay $1,000 for these.

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    Well, all they have to do is export their own models using the free Mineways program (full disclosure: I wrote it, for fun) and upload these to Shapeways - they can then order their own works. Really, though, smaller is cheaper is cuter (e.g. this $9 model) - the large models are kind of amazing, but from top to bottom, Steam Castle runs $250, Spawn $633, and Sentinel Castle $165, assuming Shapeways would print them at all (they've gotten pickier over the years - the sandstone material is a bit brittle and Minecraft trees tend to snap off). However, Shapeways now does offer a "print it anyway" option.

    See the bottom of the Mineways Gallery page (which I need to update with these models) for the Shapeways and Sculpteo store sites.
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