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    I am still fighting with the right temperatur. I tryed to print 2 Fischertechnik bricks with a lenght of 9cm. With the temperatur setting of the fan duct i got warping.
    The folliwing values were successfull :
    Chamber temperature - 150C
    Powder surface - 174.6C
    Speed - 750mm/s

    With lower speed i got aways warping. But with this values it was very hard to get the object free from powder.

    After this i tried to print an object that has less big printed areas.

    Chamber temperature - 150C
    Powder surface - 171.7C
    Speed - 450mm/s

    It was important to lower the speed. The result was great. Easy to clean and no warping.

    I am still searching for the right setting to print an object. I am not shure when big printed areas makes an problem....

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    Hi rudschul,

    I am seeing similar results. The more parts there are to print, the more difficult it is to remove the powder. I am pretty sure the reason is that the laser is adding to the surface temperature to such an extent it takes it just past the optimum. For single, small parts I set the temperature to 174.6C but for the occasions I print many parts at once I set the temperature to 172.4C. I have not yet tried experimenting with the laser speed too much but it looks like you may be getting close to something that works. Now we need to make a sliding scale of temperature and speed against volume to be sintered.

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