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    Modeling Mesh from Solid for 3D Printed "Fabric"

    I would like to print a model with a structure that resembles this pattern. It doesn't have to be as flexible, it's just about the looks.

    I already have the solid model built in Maya, I just need to find a way to "fill" it with the structure. Searching the web, I have found several 3d models of similar "fabric sheets" and Meshmixer's built-in "pattern" functionalities which are very restricted though.... so definitely not what I was looking for.

    Could you help me? Thanks!

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    well as far as I know all the plastic 'fabrics' on thingiverse - and there are quite a lot. Have been done with openscad.
    It handles the precision and iterations better than most things.

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    Typically meshes aren't 'modeled' but are the result of a process. If you are hell-bent on modelling it then just about any software should be able to do it (pro software that is, don't know about the free stuff) but you will hit CPU/RAM limits. Not to mention the time taken to do it.

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