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    Smile Which 3D printer Should I buy ?

    Hey Everyone,

    I am new member so need yours help. I need a 3D printer but can't understand which is the best? Price is not matter But I need good quality printer. I do job and also a student so I need printer for various reason. I would be appreciated if anyone can help me.


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    what is your budget ?
    And do you want one of the printers on the list you embedded - or are you just spamming :-)

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    $800. If you can help me It would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Best bet: use that money to join a local makerspace which will allow you to learn on several printers, from experienced users.

    Then you can decide if you really want a printer, and which ones you like.

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    There are so many printers out there and each one has fans and opponents. Have you narrowed it down to a few printers? Perhaps once you get to that stage we will be able to help you.

    Luckily you have a decent sized budget that means you don't have to buy a cheap and nasty printer. Perhaps take a look at the Prusa i3 (well within your budget) or the Flash Forge Creator Pro? (At the upper end of your budget)

    I hope this helps,


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    well crowd funded printers are all well and good if:
    a) you don't want it for at least 2 years
    b) you're prepared to just not get it at all and not get your money back

    basically it's a gamble.

    Couple of Printers to consider: wanhao duplicator i3 plus - good all round machine
    qiditech replcator pro clone:

    By all accounts the best value of the rep clone pro models.

    Both good places to start.

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    My recommendations would be this.

    For an enclosed type either the QIDI Tech-1 or the Flashforge Creator Pro. Single extruder QIDI X-one.

    Non enclosed type the Original Prusa i3 MK2.

    These are all respectable mainstream machines with good support.

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