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    Post 5 Day 3D printing and additive manufacturing masterclass


    My name is Eric Conrad and I am from London. I have been involved in 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry for a while now. Its a pretty new concept for the general public, therefore we host training and conferences to educate and showcase this amazing technology. At present we are conducting a '5 Day 3D printing and additive manufacturing masterclass in Dubai, UAE' in the month of December. Please contact me if you would be interested to attend this workshop.

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    If there is any seminar in delhi,India

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    I really want to follow your class. I hope you will open a branch in Indonesia. As you know, There's many people who are interested in studying 3D Printing.

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    Great idea. I would like to have this in my city.

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    It' great idea!

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    LOL! 3D-printing event) Funny!)

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    This is really great. I would like to see this seminar in CANADA.

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