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    We do not execute gcode; we interpret it.

    We do not use the E values in gcode, we calculate flow for each move based on the specified path width, layer height, and travel speed (feed rate). Therefore, we do not use the relative extrusion widths which some slicers may encode into the E values. We also predict when to advance and retract material.

    We are fully compliant with different layer heights (quite different from path widths) for different layers. Sometimes I do this myself - when slicing for layer heights of under 100 microns, I always make the first layer at least 100 microns. However, this is a constant layer height for any particular layer, and this does not equate to variable extrusion widths.

    This approach allows us to print with a wide variety of materials, not just filaments. I understand that other people have other priorities. I tell everyone that our printer is not the best choice for everyone. I'm sorry if you feel it to be inadequate for your needs.

    I had not previously entertained the idea of changing out the controllers, but you should find the hardware to be of excellent quality. I wish you success in your endeavors.


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    I gathered that from your forum. For a job I am working on I require varying layer heights in one print, and also varying widths in the same print. A controller that can fill that requirement is an upgrade, but I did not come to this board to debate the the name "upgrade", just to see if someone had done it yet.

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