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    1000mm x 500mm Deltra printer almost complete

    It has come to my attention that I don't have the skills to finish and make this work. I was a little too optimistic for the first printer I have ever built.

    Pictures don't seem to want to load, But here is all of them shared on my gdrive.

    I can provide most of the receipts to confirm they are legit open builts parts store parts, E3D hotend etc.

    Real e6d v6 hotend (can provide receipt)
    Open builds v slot frame 1000mm tall 40x20mm
    Open builds v slot slides 500mm wide 60x20mm
    Open Builds V-Slot Gantry Set (Plate: 20mm, Wheel: Xtreme Solid V Wheels)
    Anodized aluminum corners, This frame is rock solid.
    Magnetic carriages with hot end mount
    Avanti made in USA 15" x 15" heated build plate 24v
    FastBot Bbp-1s control board with 7" touch screen flashed with newest Android image and OctoPrint
    24v 350w power supply x 2
    Wall wart power adapter to power the touch screen.
    Boden extruder with nema 17 pictured orange
    Second extruder included incase you want to convert to dual head.
    3 mechanical end stop micro switches installed, But also comes with a set of 3 new Optical Endstops also.
    More connectors and hardware in the pictures.

    Also comes with a solid state relay for the heated print bed control so that it can be powered by the second power supply.

    I just don't have time or skill to finish but a lot of the hard work is done.

    Spend almost 1600$ in parts already asking only $750
    Can include shipping to the USA if you are okay with the frame being disassembled for packing.
    If you want it shipped intact I can grab some shipping quotes and help pay for part of that.

    Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions.
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    I'm open to offers, Please don't hit me too low!


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