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    The 4ekolka From Prague is a 3D Printed Electric Car

    The 4ekolka from Prague is the latest in 3D printed vehicles, offering a look at the latest from automotive architect Petr Chládek, who offers evidence of all the benefits of 3D printing here with affordability, lightweight components, and obvious customizations. The 3D printed electric car cost around $12K to make in prototyping, and currently runs at about 34 mph. It offers batteries with approximately 124 miles per charge, and consumes around 100 watt hours. Read more at

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    The prototype is one of hundreds attempts to make the PERFECT car. Just an an attempt.
    "Chladek is going to make tests of 4ekolka car in Prague. He hopes to organize mass production of these vehicels" (from here - about 4ekolka).
    REALLY? And make it using 3d printing technology! Oh man, you're a dreamer! There is no future for this car. Check one more photo

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    it does look like a large covered mobility scooter.
    Give it a much higher top speed and a much lower price and they might be onto something.
    That said, if you live in a city - it could work.

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