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    How this folder works

    Please use this folder to seek modelers or printing services, or to advertise yourself as a modeler/printing service.

    Please include one of the following prefixes in your thread titles.


    If you are looking for a modeler/printing service put [NEEDED] in the beginning of your topic title.
    If you are advertising yourself as a freelancer/printing service, please put [AVAILABLE] in the beginning of your topic title.


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    Ed hello!

    Can you help me figure out how post here my CV. I'm a 3D artist and very interested in keeping my threads here with you. I'll be very grateful for your help.

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    I cant post here either

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    How do I post to this forum?
    Am I able to a link to another website of my profile?


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    How do I create a new thread? Do I have to wait sometime for my account to be activated? Or write couple of simple messages?

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