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    Color Scans look horrible

    Has anyone managed to get decent color textures? Mine are absolutely terrible. I think I tried every permutation I can think of, but the color is simply awful. I searched and found a couple of post, and I tried the few options but nothing I can do seems to make a difference.

    I calibrated with the light on, scanned with the light on, off, and every brightness option you can think of, I then calibrated with the lights off, and scanned with them on and off,

    Scanning with the lights on usually produces completely false colors. Scanning with the light off, produces a nearly desaturated scan that has some color in the dark shadows, but the light areas are basically white.

    Here is what I get compared to the actual model:

    Has anybody done color scans with better results?

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    Must admit, the few times I've tried texture scanning, I wasn't that impressed.
    I mostly scan for 3d printing though so textures not required.
    Have you tried the white balance thing ?

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    Yeah, all of that. When I said calibrated in the post above, I actually meant white balance.

    I think they (Shining 3D) need to either fix this, or don't even mention that' it's there because in its current state, it's a giant waste of time.

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