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    Unhappy Uneven Test Border Extrusion

    Hey all! I'm a brand new 3D printer who's enthusiasm far outweighs their knowledge base. I'm having issues getting an even test border printed. I ran the advanced calibration and played around with the calibration settings but I'm not seeing improvement. I wandered google for a bit and couldn't find any descriptions of issues quite like mine, but I did find this forum, so I thought I'd ask! What could be causing the globbing/unevenness on the test print, and how do I fix it? Pic in link, as the attachment set up on this forum is kinda shitty.

    Thanks tons!
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    nozzle could be too close to the bed. Extruder temp could well be too low.
    Extruder could be slipping.
    It's pretty horrible - but could be a bunch of things causing it.

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