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    Hi we‘re a beginning painting Studio based in Czech Republic Called Wargaming Mamas. Despite the fact we‘re all disabled, it doesn‘t stop us to do creative and reasonable work. Our goal is to get amongst best miniature painters in the world.

    We’d like to know your opinion about our project.

    Do you like our web

    Do you like the content of it, graphical interface and examples

    What should we add to the web

    Are the prices acceptable to you

    We will be grateful for your feedback. You can also support us by ordering our services. We will comply with all your requests plus you will get a satisfying feeling that you helped needy.

    Looking forward to your response

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    Great work, especially on the metals and stones.
    You can improve on skin, fabric and variations of matte vs. glossy finishes.

    The website is a bit standard and can use some more character.
    I don't see the prices but I imagine around EUR 150 is a reasonable price for a 6" sculpture.

    Look for local designers on 3D hubs to collaborate and have them 3D design and print the models.

    Congratulations with starting the business!
    Wishing you a lot of success.

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    Really cool , Looks nice and clean and easy to read and navigate.

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    Cool, thanks!

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    In my opinion, your website is nice. Layout is very clearly to find and read anything. You are really good at design and make me want to learn from you more. The font and grammar of website are very easily to understand.

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    Yes, I found the website has a nice interface

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