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    Senator Who Wanted to Regulate 3D Printers Because of Guns Indicted, Arms Trafficking

    Remember back in May of last year when California Senator Leland Yee proposed a regulation on all 3D Printers. He wants all printers sold in the state of California to be tracked and well as the people who had access to those 3D printers. This was all after the big 3D gun printing fiasco that some politicians seemed to make a huge deal out of.

    Proponents argued that such a law would severely hurt technological progress, and eventually nothing ever became of Yee's proposal, at east not yet. Yee didn't give specifics about the proposed regulations, however he suggested, at the time, that background checks, mandatory serial numbers and even a registration of 3D printers could take place whenever a 3d printer was sold.

    “Terrorists can make these guns and do some horrible things to an individual and then walk away scot-free, and that is something that is really dangerous,” Yee told CBS Sacramento.

    Well Guess what. Yee today was indicted on arms trafficking, corruption charges!! Yee met with an intermediary as well as an FBI agent soliciting campaign donations in exchange for him setting up a deal in foreign arms smugglers.

    Go figure right??

    Biggest hypocrite ever!

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    I guess he was worried about competition?

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    What a guy.

    "huh-duhh! Guns! Printers! Aliens!!! HYDROGENATED OILS ARE BAD FOR YOU! 9-11 WAS A LIE! THE NAZIS ARE COMING BACK!"

    Sorry... I don't know what happened there. I usually don't let that side of me out when I'm around others.

    No, but for real, I'm glad the whole 'Printers, Guns, and You' thing has pretty much died down. Hopefully with this dude gone, and the light having been seen by most, we won't have to deal with this kinda situation ever again... Until the next tech revolution, at least...

    //edit: Don't know how I missed it, but that picture is really funny to me for some reason...

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    Haha, that's great. I'm pretty sure all politicians are crooked. Just some of them are stupid enough to get caught. This a-hold didn't want people 3D printing guns, because he didn't want his illegal business to fail. He should spend the rest of his life in prison.

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