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    QiDi Tech X-one official information publish and update

    Hello, everyone,

    We are QIDI TECH 3D Printer manufacturer.

    Thank you all.Thanks for your time.Thanks for sharing the experience on this forum.

    Our new type 3d printer X-one is on sale.

    X- sereis has been developed exclusively by our QiDi Tech .X-one is the first 3d printer of X-series.X-one 3d printer is suitable for children inventing , creating and school course teaching.

    The current pricing is 499 USD.(Please refer to the major sales site for exact price) Any product upgrade and price change will be updated here.

    Our official sales shop links are as below:

    Amazon shop link:

    Aliexpress shop link:

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    I'd like to see you make a printer with a bigger build volume, properly big, I'm thinking something as close to 300x300x300mm as you can get. I'd certainly buy it I'm pleased with my Qidi dual extruder so far. Any plans?

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    Thanks for your good suggestion .Yes ,we have plan to produce bigger build volume.
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    I would also be interested in a larger volume printer!! Really like my QIDI so far.

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    Your support and suggestion are essential to our growth. We have plan to produce bigger build volume .Can you kindly tell us what size do you want it to be?

    QIDI TECH X-one build height and width are the same as QIDI TECH 1,it's the biggest size in the same type 3d printers.

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    The first batch of QIDI TECH X-one has arrived in Amazon warehouse.

    Big sale for our new model 3d printer,399USD/set.

    Limited quantity , order as soon as possible.

    Amazon link:

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