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    Sandboxr - 3D Print your video game characters on demand

    Has anyone seen Sandboxr yet? Looks like they went live during GDC 2014. What they do is allow anyone to take characters from video games, customize them and have them printed out and shipped to them. The awesome thing is that all characters in video games today are for the most part 3D models. That means that they can easily be printed. I'm sure this will be a way that several of the larger video game companies make a little extra money. I'm not sure how much the video game companies get in kickbacks for this, but I can see many video game enthusiasts loving this! Their website is

    I'm not sure what the pricing is. If anyone knows, please feel free to post it.

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    The Amazon 3D Printed Products store is now offering the chance to design and personalize 35 or more video game characters from titles such as Smite. slope game

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