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    Yes, the Prusa i3 is what we build.

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    I have taught industrial design at Eindhoven University of Technology and we have been using 3D printers there for over 10 years. For quick iterations FFF printers are used, for high definition and multimaterial models there is an Objet Connex. I am currently doing freelance design projects for local and clients abroad, and still willing to take up teaching jobs if the opportunity arises.

    Operating a 3D printer is a quite specialized job if you want to do it well. Therefore I recommend installing just one or two people to gain expertise with the machines.
    A weekend class can give a good basis if a lot of areas around 3D printing are covered, and targeted to specific application areas. In the end it is an ongoing project to operate a 3D printer and will require a lot of dedication.

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    Thanks for the feed back. A big part of why I host events like this is that I struggled to find an expert like you when I was teaching myself 3D printing. It feels good to lay the foundation for others to have an easier path than I had but yes learning requires dedication

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    I teach at the secondary level, grades 9-12. We are going to make custom parts for robotics competitions that are after-school or part of the class.

    Spent the summer using some Crickets in a Maker Space. Good prep for the FlashForge Dreamer we just setup.

    With free Autodesk access for staff and students, we have started there. ABS seems better for durability and the heated build platform gives us flexibility to use APS or PLA. Not impressed with PLA and it's fragility and brittleness.

    The 28 hour party might be better in parts ... especially depending on dependability of your printers. People learn better over time ... get to know their peers.

    As another new task for us just starting ... but the students are at the same level ... or you have some good starters ... as they do, I will learn as they go. Younger are often impulsive and don't analyze what happens and don't get as far as fast ... and they need time to process. 28-Hour marathon?

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    Hi, I am Taylor i teach in the 6th and 7th Grades. We have been using 3D Printers for about 3 semesters.

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    You haven't found Autodesk to be to complex and difficult learning curve for grades 9-10?

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    Hello, We provide professional training for The IELTS Academic and help you get an entry at UG and PG levels also for professional registration purposes.

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    I am a teacher in new york college and I have done Ph.D. in computer science.

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