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    3DMonstr enclosure

    I realize building a 3D printer with an enclosure would be risky considering the Stratasys patents, but I wonder if provisions could be designed in the 3DMonstr electronics to accommodate some generic home built "extensions"...

    Something like adding an extra thermocouple input along with a digital output that could be used to activate an external heater...


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    Hi, Boto,

    I want to make sure that we don't do anything that SSYS can point to and claim that we're encouraging others to violate their patents. So I can't include anything that is intended directly and solely to that purpose.

    OTOH, I think that if you decide to use our products in a way that they are not intended to be used, and thereby end up violating their patents, there's nothing I can do about it. For example, we've had customers from hot/humid climates (central America and Middle East) as us about extra cooling for the electronics. So we're considering creating and selling an add-on kit for that. You could probably Frankenstein something usable out of that.

    Thank you.

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    honestly then i would start investing and bond with SSYS and you can be a double structuring economic partners i want to help you , and i know that heavens have shined on 3-d printing , and look at the blessings

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