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Thread: Diy it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reonarudo View Post
    Is there a datasheet for the resin?
    Can't speak to what was used with the later stuff, but for the beta users it was "PeachyJuice Stiff or MakerJuice SubG/SubG+ resin". I got Stiff in the beta shipment.

    You can search the internet for the Makerjuice SubG/SubG+ MSDS sheets - what I just tried is a little different but I can't seem to upload it due to the file size (197 kb). probably not current anyway, it was from 2014.

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    Can I please have some advise/help with the files on github. I am unable to find all of the parts of the peachy printer because some are only in .smc format. I plan to laser cut the parts out. The parts I can't find are the legs and the T shaped chassis/frame. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can offer some assistance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thej View Post
    The structural parts were laser cut from "ABS", correct?
    Did you experiment with Acrylic? Did it work?

    Apparently, laser cutting ABS produces Hydrogen Cyanide...sooooo, my local maker space will not allow it to be used even though it is well vented. Can't say I blame them!

    Acrylic is a safe plastic to laser cut.
    I got to test out the cutter tonight and I cut a few parts. Just need to review to assembly instructions to test them out. :-)
    Acrylic works and its is what we original planed to make printers with.. abs is better because acrylic often breaks on the fine snap fit tabs, but it still works
    and a bit of hot glue can solve any problems you have with it. I think that 1/8 inch birch plywood would also work and so would petg. petg would be the strongest.

    We have been doing the parts in 3mm thick plastic but because we designed in openScad it should be relatively easy to cut parts from other thicknesses
    try playing with the SheetThickness variable in the openSCad files.

    Sorry Im not in here answering more questions right now.. Im in the middle of moving, so I spending lots of time boxing and cleaning, loading trucks etc.

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