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Thread: RIP peachy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amoose136 View Post
    we have the designs. So yes, we'll probably never getting those printers or a single penny back but that doesn't mean we can't make our own.
    Yes, everyone has the designs now. You paid for them to have them. If there is a bright side, it's that we all helped. The down side is that I didn't pay for schematics, I paid for a printer. I don't mind assembling a completed product, but I don't care to research and build a 3d printer. That's sketch at best. I'm just going to buy a proper 3d printer, so that when I have problems, I also have support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amirjabri View Post
    Dear Calvin,

    Since you are in Hong Kong, can you even distribute via China more cheaply than we can in Canada/us? Isn't there trade agreements basically subsidizing shipping from China? Like if the kit is 1$ to ship from China to tge US, basically that's all you pay. But the same shipping from within Canada would be like 20$ for a kit. Would it not be cheaper then to ship and package everything from China even taking into consideration hiring five employees for a week? I'm sure that's the case because I can always get stuff mailed from China way way cheaper than from even locally.
    Dear amirjabri

    I'm not sure about how they charge. but usually depends on the weight of the package. If u order light stuff from ebay (sdcard/usb-cable etc.) they usually just use regular air mail to mail it. probably a dollar or 2 will get it to the state.
    but if it's anything larger than an envelop, it got to go as "package" then that's more expensive. That's why a lot of large distributor have agreement with shipping warehouse in US or EU. they ship bulk using air flight.
    then the warehouse distribute them in small order later according to orders.

    And since the parts are already in Canada. It's probably cheaper to mail directly from Canada to US.

    Rylan, Is it possible for peachy to sold all un-certified PCB/mirror as scrap(recycling) for a dollar? I'm more than happy to takecare of that issue for u. ^_*
    I'm pretty sure some backer in other continent will also be willing to take care of scraps for backer in their neighborhood. Backers can coordinate themself on what to do with "scrap" later.
    a CAD file will let us find place to laser cut them for us to finish the remaining puzzle.

    I can even help find manufacture in China to manufacture peachy(labor are much cheaper in China). Peachy can probably sell them for $200 then for each new printer sold, a backer also get one. It could take a while for all of us to get peachy, but at least we will get there...

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    Why haven't backers been provided the option to pay for shipping and get parts sent to us from Peachy, since we've paid for them anyways. So if we have to pay for the shipping, then fine, but why should we have to pay for the parts too? The parts the Grayston's supposedly have should be made available to backers who choose to pay for the shipping. Personally I'm not against having 1 of every part available put in a box and shipped to me. I feel this would appease the anger of many backers. if even this can't be done, this exposes a dark lie.

    Anyone else agree that they'd pay up to $20 to have one of each part shipped to them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Very Equipped View Post
    Ryan Shitston is claiming the problem is that he has all the parts but doesn't have the money to ship them. Wrong! Every purchase charged shipping on top. So if they were blowing through the shipping money, what did they plan to use to ship with then? Scam from start to finish.
    I agree Peachy had a budget and didn't care everything just became okay to spend in the same way. Not just the shipping all those resins orders are equally money that should never of been spent on research or wages. My $225 dollars a few months ago was mostly shipping and resin, swallowed up with David Boe no where near. Months after the police were informed. Yes I'm aware I was treated with contempt for some greater good I wasn't signed up to.

    However what has happened has happened. I'm far more interested in the future. That requires beta testers saying what the prints were like so we know if it was just a gimmick. Is it worth getting these parts working or is it not ready.

    Rylan could still help by saying how much each unit costs in labour and parts. It will take months and many $1000's of community dollars to discover what he already knows. He owes us that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Very Equipped View Post
    Anyone else agree that they'd pay up to $20 to have one of each part shipped to them?
    You really would give more money to those thieves??

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    Quote Originally Posted by altmann View Post
    You really would give more money to those thieves??
    Yes. Purchasing 3D prints has been expensive for me. The cheap 3D plastic printers break at moving parts and through heat.

    Peachy always needed a part shop. One much easier to make a viable business. Instead of this waving things at the camera, TV for dogs, kick starter nonsense.

    Peachy failed because it couldn't break down the business into something that added value and sold at a profit repeatedly. I probably would buy 2-3 mirror assemblies because they are easy too mess up. I would buy updates for each component at every stage. Peachy had no cash flow it had a lump sum and no day to day profitable basic business. If laser are a problem fine I'll get them from or elsewhere.

    If peachy had sold parts many people would of already bought beta parts at various stages. Even if the results had bubbles in them. It makes it a hobby not an end product.
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    OK, I get your point.

    But I, and just speaking for myself, wouldn't trust Ryan, David, etc. (or whatever their real-names are) any more. So - no way for me to send them more money. Too many promises made.
    This looks sooo much like a planned scam to me. So - no, thanks. No more money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by altmann View Post
    You really would give more money to those thieves??
    I completely agree with your point, but at this point I'm looking to recoup some of our losses, and if the authorities are involved, I'd trust it knowing there is actual oversight. We are still taking a loss either way, because the parts won't add up to the full cost we paid, but if we get the parts we can at least do something with them. If we don't get them, that means the crooks still have another revenue source, and it will expose if they actually do have the parts they claim. It's a viable solution to get the truth and some of the loss back.

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    Hey Amir,
    I've sent you several emails with no response... please check your inbox and let me know your plans. Thanks!

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