We believe disability is not a quality of a person but is the drawback of our technology we think with the use of technology we can help disabled people to perform as well as ordinary people or even better. The traditional methods of producing prosthetic limbs involve a painful and time consuming process of casting furthermore there is a huge lack of qualified technicians in the world and specially in the 3rd world countries our vision to overcome this problem is developing technologies that will increase the efficiency and also increasing the quality of life in amputees by producing more suitable and cheaper prosthesis with faster and more comfortable methods
The main Idea is to produce prosthetic limbs using state of the art 3d printing and 3d scanning technologies developed by our team in which the patient puts their leg inside the 3D Scanner machine and then the CAD data is manipulated by the technician and after the CAD file of the socket is ready the file is 3D printed and after that other required parts are attached to it in order to make a complete prosthetic limb
Right now we are partnered with Iran Red Crescent Society which is responsible for production of more than 50% of Iran’s prosthesis to make a center in order to initiate a center for modern prosthetic manufacturing in this video We have compared the traditional method of constructing prosthetic limbs with our modern technology: