3D printing material manufacturer Polymaker will launch their new PolySmooth filament and Polysher desktop smoothing machine on Kickstarter on April 25th. Together these products are capable of smoothing the surface of a 3D printed part right before your eyes using standard alcohol that can be obtained from a supermarket. It can reduce the striation on a part from a 100 um layer (typical for most parts printed at 0.2 mm resolution) to less than 10 um. The Polysher is very easy to use, and the smoothing action is entirely automated so the 3D printed part just needs to be placed in the chamber, the timer set and the model will start to smooth right away. You can find out more about this amazing new smoothing system over on 3DPrint.com: https://3dprint.com/130590/polymaker...ooth-polysher/