Dr. Russell Garwood from the University of Manchester got his hands on some arachnid fossils from the 1980s and decided to take a closer look at them using a CT scan. What he found when he looked at one in particular didn’t seem to match up to any other arachnid fossil on record. To get a closer look at the fossil he used powerful x-rays generated by the synchrotron at Diamond Light Source in Oxfordshire, which allowed him to obtain enough fine detail to verify that he had found a new genus of arachnid 305 million years old that lacked a spider's spinnerets, but shared several other traits with it like eight legs, prominent jaws and a lack of a tail-like flagellum typical of other arachnids from the same era. You can read more about this amazing discovery at 3DPrint.com: https://3dprint.com/129212/almost-a-spider-3d-imaging/