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    scanned part size.

    I was looking at one of my previous scans today which I opened in turbocad and noticed its huge and wondered if I have missed something somewhere I need to tick of select that retains the actual object size??

    Its just when your working on precision things the last thing I want to have to do is have to manually resize all the parts. For example the part I was looking at is 5 inches high and the scan of it is 118.

    Any info would be much appreciated.


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    Perhaps your scan is in millimeters? 118mm=4.6in.

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    i believe the scan is in mm. At least when i import it into my CAD, it's asking me which unit and i say mm.

    Now 118 divided by 5 is 23.6, a bit peculiar. If it had been a ratio of 25.4, then your problem is what i mentioned above.

    Have you tried to force the unit to mm ?

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