Materials are a critical component of the 3D printing industry; without them, well, we'd be nowhere! Some suppliers stand out as head and shoulders above the rest, with a strong history of development and a seriously promising future full of product releases set to optimize additive manufacturing. Among these companies is Michigan-based 3DXTECH, which has caught our eye here at for a few years now, bringing material after material to the table (er, printer). Featuring strong materials with incredible capabilities, 3DXTECH has had a lot going on; recent launches have included ULTEM™ PEI, Carbon Fiber PEEK, Carbon Fiber Nylon, Carbon Nanotube Polycarbonate, and Glass-Reinforced PETG. And more is still to come! The company tells us that for the next two months, they have launches planned for just about every two weeks. We took the opportunity, in the midst of these busy launches, to find out more about 3DXTECH and their plans for the near future. Mark Haskins, Materials Manager at 3DXTECH, was kind enough to answer A Few Questions For us so we could learn more. Read more at