If you take a look at the Terms of Service for the Oculus Rift device, what you’ll find is frankly a little terrifying in terms of privacy. It would be expected that Facebook would track certain aspects of users' Oculus experience, be it purchases or the type of games or experiences used on the device, but it is actually far more intrusive than that. Not only will the device collect data from users while wearing the device, but it will collect A LOT of data. Additionally, what users do or create while using the Oculus Rift won’t really even belong to them, at least not in any way that matters. The Oculus Rift Terms of Service could set a new and scary standard of what information can be collected by users, and it is used against them. You can read more over on 3DPrint.com: https://3dprint.com/128046/oculus-ri...ms-of-service/