I'm in the midst of trying to get a custom 3D printer running...

To save some time and money (I thought... LOL), I grabbed an Azteeg X3 version 1.1 and VIKI 1.0, I had sitting on the shelf for years, untouched.

So I loaded it with Marlin, tweaked a few things here and there (adding thermocouple support) and I now almost have it where I can jog steppers around, but it appears there may be some configuration issues with Marlin as the home buttons jog things around and it keeps getting limit switch errors. I messed with limit switch settings a bit and now the z jogs properly, but not x & y...ugh.

Then there is the VIKI controller, what a hassle to try and get this thing working... I haven't got it anywhere near displaying text on it. I supposedly have all the wiring correct etc. per everything I can find online.

So I'm asking...

Does anyone have or know where I can find a good base firmware for this exact setup?
Azteeg X3 v1.1
VIKI 1.0

If not for that exact setup, maybe just the Azteeg x3 1.1 without the VIKI?

As this would be the easiest and quickest way to get me to a point where I can then add in the extra tweaks.

These controllers have such large learning curves you would think Panucatt Devices would just have a database of firmware that you could just go to and get what you need.

Ugh, frustration, expletive.