What a journey the world, and mainly that of scientists and medical researchers, have taken since the discovery of Ötzi The Iceman back in 1991. Found by hikers in the mountain peaks of Northern Italy, the famous Ice Man was recently recreated in 3D print by famous Paleo artist Gary Staab and the world-renowned 3D printing experts at Materialise. Able to use many of the digital images already taken over the years by scientists, they set out to fabricate a replica of the Ice Man’s body in one single print, using a massive Materialise SLA printer. After a long, arduous process, Ötzi emerged from the amber resin in a 5’5 replica which was then finished over a period of months by Staab, whose team had to paint, mold, sculpt, and craft the replica until it looked identical to the actual mummy. Read more at 3DPrint.com: http://3dprint.com/120287/3d-printer-nova-otzi-ice-man/