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    Art Students & Budding Entrepreneurs Launch 3D Printing Workshop

    Evan Roche and Harrison Tyler, a pair of entrepreneurs at the Maryland Institute College of Art, developed Buildclass, a 3D printing workshop that is an intensive introduction to digital fabrication. The three-day-long class will walk participants through the entire 3D printer fabrication process. Not only do they build their own 3D printer, but they learn how to wire and program it s well. They also learn how to customize their 3D printer, troubleshoot any problems or errors and even write their own special code. Students at Johns Hopkins recently took part in learning about Buildclass. You can read more about this great class over at

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    These days most people can simply buy a pre-made 3D printer and only need to press a button to get it to work,
    lmao - you think ?

    Great project though and a decent looking machine.

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    This is good news. Though, pressing a button to get the 3D printer to work isn't necessarily true in most cases.

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