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    Marlin RC SD problem


    I just designed and printed a new piece to raise my Z axis to 11 inches on the i3 I have. I cannot get Marlin configured for the SD card reader. I something wrong? I have Marlin working in the old 2560 but it's set for the old 200mm height. Never had a problem compiling and running the old Marlin.


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    In the newer Marlin's the SD Card stuff has been broken out and is separate from the controller board. Are you sure you have the SD card turned on?

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    I have the Full Graphic LCD. It always worked with the version I was using two years ago.

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    How do I get the cool Marlin splash screen into the code? Thank you

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    Found the SD card comment. It is now uncommented. I was starting to think I had gone stupid.

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    Goes into hit endstop without moving. Uncommented the manual endstop. Inverted the switch logic and everything works. Really work good with the Simplify software. Thanks for your help.
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    on my controller the sd card doesn't work either.
    with my ramps i have the following problem --- when i want to move the X it works but when i want to move the Y the Y doesn't work but instead the X turns .... does anybody know how this is possible ?

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