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    Hello my name is DUYTAP
    My English is not good :/ But I really like 3D Technology. I saw this great forum on Google search, when looking for some new 3Dprinter models
    This time, I open a 3DPRINTING Shop in Việt Nam , its name is 3DPLUS :
    Im using the I4 Transformer 3DPRINER, like that video:

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm Matt from Rhode Island and have been using 3D printers for two years or so. I got my work to buy a Sindoh DP200 to do some rapid prototyping of tooling, fixtures, mold designs, and a few other things. At home I've got a cheap I3 knockoff from Gearbest (Tronxy P802). I've been doing drafting and solid modeling for almost 20 years, so being able to bring designs into reality with the push of a button has been amazing. I've already picked up a few new things while lurking around, so I look forward to learning even more from the people here. Thanks in advance,


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    Hello to you all.

    my name is Morpheus, i am from Holland.
    please excuse me for my poor english.
    i am all new to the 3d printing world.
    at first, i had a XYZ DV1.0 3d-printer. very easy to operate, even for me. but due to their brand filament restrictions, and less variety of coulours available, i decided to buy another printer.
    recently i bought a Flashforge Creator Pro. (2016)
    i had a hard time figuring it all out, but slowly, i'm learning to know the machine.
    i took a few looks around at the forum, all looks great.
    i'm hoping to learn more, and i have a lot of questions for you guys.
    happy printing!

    from Holland, Cheers!

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    I've had a MakerGear M2 since 2015 but was too busy with going to school to learn how to operate it. Now that I'm done with school for now I'd like to get my machine working as I dreamed it would work. I've done a lot of trial and error but if there is one thing in life that I learned... it is that joining a forum makes me learn a lot better than fudging around on my own trying to reinvent the wheel.

    I'm just a dreamer. That's why I own a 3D printer. And that's also why it doesn't really work! Because I spend more time dreaming than doing.

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    Hello Everyone

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    I have no experience with 3d printers but think that the possible applications sound awesome.

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    Also new here.

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    A new member here from Jakarta. The reason why I join this 3d printer forum is because I want to expand my knowledge on this matter. I was so mesmerized of what 3d printers can do for a better world, like for medicine and manufacturing industry. I believe 3d printing is the future. Hopefully I can contribute something useful and learn something new here.


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    Hi. This is Allen and I have been 3D printing maybe a year. Have three of them, an Original Prusa i3 MK2S, a Forgeforce Dreamer, and a Prusa clone. I like them all, but they all have good and bad points. None yet have been ideal. I'm still looking for the ideal printer. Hopefully one with auto z-height which NONE of these printers have. Also a completely removable, changeable bed. After LOTS of work, I have this on the Dreamer, but its not perfect.

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    Grüß Gott!
    Hello everyone!,
    I am three times retired: Food industry - 12, Tool & Die Maker - 18, Programmer - 16 yrs.
    In my shop I have CNC and many tools/machines.
    In my home office I have BCN3D Sigma R17 3D Printer.
    Design & Printer Software include: Netfabb 7.4, 123D, 3DS MAX '14, ACAD '14, Fusion 360, ZBrush, Cura 1.0.3, Netfabb 2018 u. Simplify3D.
    File interchange are my biggest headaches daily.
    Currently building a hepa filter u. humidity & temperature controlled sound tight Lexan enclosure on the printer.
    Next project is a Temperature and Humidity controlled free standing Lexan cabinet to shelve all of my filaments against the common moisture here in Germany.
    I am a tweaker: In the best use of the word, I need to improve everything all of the time, even when it doesn't.
    (In my long past youth it was a very different use of the word. Part of my personal story.)

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