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    Hello from Northern Indiana
    My name is Delmar. I work at a day program with adults with disabilities.I run the computer lab, teaching rudimentary computer skills to the people we serve. This year the agency I work for got a CNC router for our wood shop and are in the process of obtaining a 3D printer for my classroom. I have been given the task of learning how to run the 3D printer to help the people our agency serves work on craft projects and things like that.This week I have been training on the CNC router to get my feet wet as we wait for the #D printer to arrive.My personal goal is to use this equipment after hours to build my own CNC router and perhaps my own 3D printer.

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    Greetings from New England. Larry is the name and I am helping a buddy get some larger 3D systems up and running. Starting off with some existing meter by meter XY platforms and then adding a 2 meter plus ball screw for Z. EE by degree, Engineering Tech by current employment, have access to a ME and 3d printer at work.

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    Hello From Belgium :-)

    I'm a 40-years old IT professional (former software developer, now IT busines analyst/project manager) with a passion for model railroading / electronics / mechanics / 3D printing / travelling ...
    I have a 50W CO2 CNC laser at home, a portal cnc milling machine (elektor colinbus profiler - mainly used for PCB milling), a large cnc milling machine (HBM BF-25 - for the "tougher" work with metal/aluminium) and a lathe (HBM 250x550) and 2x 3D printers.
    (3D scanning is done with an xbox Kinect and Skanect Pro software)
    I started with a Velleman K8200 back in april 2014 (I got it as a birthday present from my wife), and have come a long way since ... I made lots and lots of upgrades and improvements for this machine, to get some "quality" parts printed :-)
    Next, I printed all parts for an Ecksbot 3D printer (also with lots of modifications, because I was not quiet satisfied with the default design, luckely you can download the Solidworks files ... and I'm "experienced" in Solidworks ...)
    Currently, I'm designing a 3D printer from scratch (in Solidworks), with a build-volume of 60x60x60 cm and dual-head (maybe I upgrade to a kraken 4-head later). (I need this build-volume for some upcomming hobby projects)

    I'm also a modelrailroad enthousiast. I have an H0 layout (about 40 square meters), my wife does have an LGB layout in the garden, and we also have 3 1/2", 5" and 7 1/4" live-steam locomotives ... (thats where the lathe and CNC milling comes in handy)
    Furthermore I'm also "into" electronics, so I create my own PCBs, electronics for my modelrailroad layout and home automation etc ...
    I'm one lucky guy, since my wife is also "into" computers and trains :-) (I met her at a computer-club, where we both did some teaching, the LGB garden railroad is hers, not mine ... Furthermore she also knows how to "create" things in Solidworks, and she also uses the 3D printers sometimes to print juwelery)

    If you want to know more about all my crazy projects, you can always have a look at my blog at
    (you can find pictures/videos of my 3D printed hexapod, 3D printed "me and my wife", a robotic-arm/ball clock I'm currently working on and much more ...)

    best regards,
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    Hithere. New to the forum and to 3D printing. I recently purchased a Makerfarm 10" i3v and it is due to arrive next week. I have a couple kids that are eagerly awaiting the arrival as if it were a new brother/sister and a wife that is pretty much assuming I'll be spending all my time in the garage with my electromechanical girlfriend and not her.

    So far I've been reading through the forum, Practical 3D Printers, and Mastering 3D Printing.

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    Name: Geoff
    Age: Star Wars Episode IV

    I have been pulling computers apart since I got one for christmas when I was about 5 (to my parents horror.. but to my credit I did get it back together and working..) I just like anything electronic with flashy blue lights, it has to have flashy blue lights.

    Anyway, I'm Australian, married, 2 kids, currently back working full time as a technician for Xerox , so between work and home, my life is literally printers, printers and more printers!!
    I've been diddling with graphic design since we had CGA monitors.. (Hercules monitors were a bit limited.... ) so I've gone through a few different phases with graphics and modelling and am pretty happy with the tools that have evolved and let us do the cool things we can do today.

    3D printing has sort of taken over my life, what started a few years ago as a small "OMG I have to get one of those!!!" has turned into a " OK - you have too many printers now, time to build a workshop" which is about 60 percent complete I am happy to say. I started from scratch, concrete slab (4x6 metres) new colourbond shed, insulation etc.. 9 double GPO's ... I hope to make some pretty special things in there with my printers all being able to be set up and running at the same time.

    I like playing guitar, flying quadcopters into trees, watching terrible sci fi movies, and most importantly, I'm a cat person.
    Hex3D - 3D Printing and Design

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    Ever since my friend introduced me to 3D Printing, I had been captivated by its wonders that is why I've been trying to design a little project of mine. Why I came here to the forum is to gather as much knowledge on 3D printing.

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    Hi Everyone.

    I am Ruben Moss, I am 31, and I live in Pretoria South Africa.

    I've had my Prusa i3 for about a year now and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I have made a few upgrades to it, with it. (which to me is the coolest part about 3d printing).

    I modified the x carriage to be able to swap the extruder for a pen holder, effectively turning my printer into a plotter. My next project is to add an attachment for a router, I want to be able to mill PCBs as well.

    Ultimately I want one machine with which I can take my projects from concept to prototype.

    If anyone here is doing the same, please contact me, I would like to know how others are fairing.

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    Hello, I am Ander, 21 years old, from Spain

    I recently got my Flashforge Creator Pro, and my intention is to print mostly miniatures for board games, but also i'm interested in the cosplay world.

    I have studied Industrial Design Engineering and i use Solidworks for my models, but i also work whith NX and Rhino, and i'm tring to learn how to use Zbrush.
    i hope i can help anyone in this forum and i hope you guys can help me
    I would like to say sorry from the start becauso of my english, i will try but im sure that i will make a lot o f gramatical mistakes

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    Hello everybody,

    my name is Marco, and I live in Italy.

    I am very new to 3D printing, but just bought a QIDI Tech.

    Hoping I will learn a lot on this forum :-)

    Have a nice day!

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    Hi there...

    I'm Tom from London, and I'm the resident content guy at RP Platform. I'm still relatively new to the world of 3D printing, but really enjoying exploring it in depth and seeing some of the cool projects and research taking place at the moment. My particular interest is the workflows and processes that go along with 3D printing, and how we can help move it from a purely prototyping tool to a viable production one.

    Looking forward to hearing what everyone is working on at the moment!

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