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Thread: Help!!!!!!!!!!

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    I didnt even know the program let me either but any setting I input dosnt work
    Layer height=1
    shell thickness=.8mm
    Bottom top thickness=.6mm
    fill density=12%
    print speed=40mm/s
    printing temp=205
    filament diameter. 1.75(PLA)
    flow= 40%
    The layer height I have played with .1mm at a time and it has built to 1, not effecting anything. The flow we figured was too much because it made a mess of the print. Shouldn't that lay a bead of plastic?
    I have not done the z offset but I will try that tonight. I will look into that simplify 3d website and see what I can do with that.

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    I don't know how it is possible that you print 1mm layers with 0,4mm nozzle at flow 40%. It seems like a highly unlikely combination.

    The Z offset is something that should be made after unpacking before any print, as stated in the getting started guideline.

    Have you made modifications to the firmware after you fried the board ?

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    I haven't made any modifications to the firmware but I am going to re flash the firmware

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