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    Researchers Study Safety Regarding 3D Printing Fumes

    Once again, researchers are taking a look at levels of toxicity that may be present during the process of 3D printing. Looking at concerns regarding ultra-fine particles and chemical emissions, it was discovered that if you are just printing moderately there should be no reason to worry. While good ventilation is common sense, researchers found that unless someone is sitting by the 3D printer for an extended amount of time, they should not in any danger, although fumes from ABS were found to be more harmful than that of PLA—which seems to pose no hazard whatsoever. Read more at

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    well looks like I'm fairly safe - plus I never actually breath when I'm printing :-)

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    Actually, if you want to be "sitting by the 3D printer for an extended amount of time", or if you just want to print without toxic emissions, a new solution exists. Zimpure is an efficient and plug-and-play filtering system which enables you to print in a safe way !

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    Hi Zimple,

    The product looks great, however i just have a few questions:

    1) Would it not affect the final print build? If you're sucking air from around the extruder surely it would lose temperature?

    2) Also does it utilise a HEPA Air Purifier Filter or something?

    Thanks, looking forward to your reply.


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