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    BotFeeder 3D Filament Supplier -

    BotFeeder 3D Filament is made in Taiwan with high quality & consistency.
    With the success of the first round of "Try Me Program", BotFeeder is going for a second round.
    $20 Try Me at 50% Discount. Free Shipping to U.S. & Canada

    Please feel free to leave us a feedback


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    Happy Birthday BotFeeder!
    This is the best deal of the year.
    Don't miss it or you have to wait another year.

    Order your 3D filament now
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    We have recently printed a driver or chemist from Margo character.
    Name: Kyrgstzt
    Printer: BotFeeder
    Resolution: 0.2mm
    Printed by: BotFeeder
    3D File Source:
    More Photos:
    3D Printing - Commander General by BotFeeder 01.jpg3D Printing - Commander General by BotFeeder 02.jpg

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    BotFeeder Canada will be exhibiting at Maker Faire Ottawa on Nov 7 - 8, 2015 @ Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne Park.

    Come support us and your community!

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    Black Friday Deals~

    Save up to 50% on BotFeeder™ 3D Printing Filaments.
    Order now before it's gone!

    BotFeeder USA
    BotFeeder Canada

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    Christmas Promotion starts now
    15% Off entire store
    BotFeeder banner 13-2.jpg
    BotFeeder Canada
    BotFeeder USA

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