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    Smartphone Powered 3D Printed

    Jeng Ywam-Jeng and his design team in Taiwan have come up with a 3D printer that has serious potential for providing accessibility to the whole world. Using resin-based technology, the team has been able to create a smartphone 3D printer which operates simply by allowing for a vat of resin to be placed on top of it, with the light from the phone curing each layer. The only problem is that the light is not quite powerful enough to produce the speed the team would like to see ultimately. When this smartphone 3D printer comes to market, they expect it to retail for as little as $100. The team also hopes to make it compatible with larger screens, as well as integrating a scanning feature. Read more at

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    very cool.

    Mind you if the printer is only $100 - I wonder how much a litre of the resin will cost - way more than $100 I would think :-)

    But still very cool :-)

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    really cool

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