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    How To Use This Thread [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]

    Hey guys!

    So apparently my thread idea was approved, and now I'm the mod here so I wanted to explain how this will work:

    What this thread is for, is the obtainment of help with one's design or ideas through the assistance of one's peers.

    So basically if you have something you want to make, and you don't know how to make it work the way you want it to, or just want to see if anyone has any ideas on how to improve and better your ideas then this is where you want to be!

    How you go about getting help:

    1) Post a picture(s), or link a picture(s) of your model/design (A link to a Thingiverse page would probably work best)
    2) Tell what the program you're using to make the model is
    3) Explain what the model does/is supposed to do
    4) Explain what you need help with/what you are stuck on
    5) If there are any restrictions such as size, or weight, please list those
    6) If there is any other information about what you need that you deem important enough to share, then please do so


    1) Try to keep conversation to a minimum and stay on topic. (If someone needs help, then I'm sure they don't want people talking about football in their help thread)
    2) Please no arguing about who has a better idea, if someone needs help, and you want to offer it that's fine. But if they choose someone else to help them over you, tough luck.
    3) Please keep everything PG-13! Nothing sexual, racist, or anything like that. It won't be tolerated and your post will be deleted.
    4) The topic of your post MUST be the name of the model you seek help with.

    Quick note that posting your designs here is at your own risk, there is always the chance that someone will steal your work. This site is not responsible for any work taken from you.
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