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    Voodoo Manufacturing 3D prints 150 Hands in 5 Days

    This week, Voodoo Manufacturing and the Enable Community Foundation have announced a new partnership, as the team at Voodoo 3D printed and donated an incredible 150 Raptor Reloaded prosthetic hands, in e-NABLE's single largest donation to date. Printed in five days and about 2,000 printing hours, the hands were created to be assembled right at Autodesk University Convention in Las Vegas this week--helped along on the assembly line by Stormtroopers. Voodoo's CEO, Max Friefeld, took the time to answer some questions for, offering more insights into the partnership in this exclusive interview. Read more at

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    brilliant !

    Who knew there were so many people needing prosthetic hands.

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    Nice work! There is a great need for low-cost prosthetic hands, with over 30,000 children in the USA alone suffering from upper limb amputations. Arguably this is the most valuable use of 3D printing.

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    It's not that so many are needing prosthetic, it is that kids as they grow could need up to 10 prosthetics until they can get a more permanent (very expensive) adult model.

    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    brilliant !

    Who knew there were so many people needing prosthetic hands.

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    so nice
    Printare 3D Bucuresti

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    it is a good idea

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