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    3D Printed Leg Brace For Maggie The Dog

    Maggie is a one year old dog with a new lease on life. When she was found by Nicole Thibeau, she was suffering from serious injuries that most likely resulted from being hit by a car. At first it was assumed that she would need to have two of her legs amputated but after working closely with a local veterinarian, the decision was made to only amputate one. The other leg, however, had sustained serious nerve damage and required the creation of a custom fit brace. That brace was easily created using 3D printing technology and promises to support Maggie's active lifestyle while protecting her other two legs from stress injuries. Read more at

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    3D scanner can play a important role in this case. We can use a 3D scanner to scan the right-front leg. Then import the 3D scanned model in CAD software to reverse it in middle. In the final, you can print a left-front leg for this dog.
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