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Thread: G-Code Commands

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    I have sample gcode commands explained in depth at &nbsp;<br><br>- where I can create an account for you if you like. PM me here or email me.<br>
    To summarize:<br>
    1. All commands are sent via gcode.<br>
    2. All variables are persistent unless/until a new value is given;<em> this includes which head(s) you are addressing.<br>
    </em>3. Data loaded from the heads themselves to the Repetrel software are sent to the motion controller FIRST, then the gcode is sent - so gcode settings will overwrite (for the duration of the print) the head settings.<br>
    So:<div style="margin-left:40px"><strong>M221 S1.1</strong> will change the flow rate multiplier from whatever it was previously (based on path width, layer thickness, length of printing move and print speed - TIMES this multiplier) to 1.1, or a 10% greater flow - <em><strong>ON THE HEAD LAST ADDRESSED with a T variable.</strong></em><br>
    <strong>M221 S1.1 T12</strong> will do the same for the second head only (yoke 1, position 2).<br>
    <strong>M221 S1.1 T10</strong> will broadcast this new flow rate multiplier to every head on yoke 1 (the only yoke on current models).</div><br>
    Also:<div style="margin-left:40px"><strong>M104 S220 T10 </strong>(or <strong>M104 T10 S220 </strong>- the order of the variables does not matter) will set the temperature for all heads to 220C.<br>
    <strong>M109 S220</strong> (set temp to 220 and wait for head to reach 220) will only be applicable to the last head addressed with a T value; I don't recommend waiting for ALL heads (since the prior command in your example used a T10) unless you are, in fact, printing with all four heads, as missing heads will never report that they have reached this temperature. Rather, <strong>M109 S220 T12</strong> (or whatever) should be used.</div><br>
    Please let me know if this did not satisfactorily answer your questions, or if you have others.
    <br><br>Thanks for this&nbsp;<br>
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    Great to hear. For many months I could not log in to this site, and then I stopped trying. Today, it works - so I'm back.

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