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My buddy and I are considering building a mod for the Rep-Rap that would print quietly (no more music), have higher resolution, and be tolerant to table bumps. We think we can also double the accuracy of positioning the print head.

The design uses expensive motors and a custom control board. Would people be willing to spend $1000 to replace their NEMA 17 stepper motors and control board in order to get a quiet 3D printer that prints more accurately and can handle being bumped?
I think the short answer is: no.
I own 2 printers, not repraps as such (both replicator clones), one is quite noisy and can take any amount of bumping and prints a decent resolution. You can buy one for around $500.
The other - essentially the same design (replicator clone) I often have to look at to check it's still printing, it's that quiet - also will print at 0.05 mm layer height and I suspect you could hit it with a sledge hammer while printing and it wouldn't give a toss. It's that solidly built.
That one costs $899 and is worth every cent.

So for an extra $1000 - you're not actually offering anything people can't already buy for considerably less.

Motor wise are you changing to servos rather than stepper motors ?
Had a demo on that by the 3dp unlimited guys at tct.
While there was a serious difference - not sure a cheapish desktop needs it.