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    New PrintrBot Simple Announced

    Guys, a brand new Printrbot Simple will officially be announced this week at the 3D Print Show in NYC.

    The device is larger and made from an aluminum and steel frame, and will likely cost around $550.

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    Here is the video of this new printer, taken by someone at the 3D Print Show NYC

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    Last I heard, this begins shipping on Aprl 10. I'm seriously considering getting one. The price seems ridiculously good!

    • Build Volume: 6″ x 6″ x 6″ (150mm x 150mm x 150mm)
    • Print Resolution: 100 Microns
    • Filament: 1.75 PLA
    • Hot End: 1.75 Ubis Hot End with 0.4mm Nozzle
    • Construction: Steel and Aluminum Body
    • Finish: Powder Coated
    • Print Bed: Semi-Auto Leveling via Software
    • Belt: GT2
    • Pulley: Aluminum
    • Rods: 12mm
    • Weight: 12 lbs

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